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Meet "Demmy", our Democracy Beaver Mascot! 

Demmies are cute, plush and cuddly!  When you think about it, they also represent much that is good about Canadians:  industrious, resilient and, if left alone to do their thing, they can build incredible structures that move Mother Nature!

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"Demmy the Democracy Beaver"

Since we are not yet a registered Political Party, we cannot provide you with tax receipts when you donate funds to help us grow.  For instance, if you contribute $50 to a registered party, you receive a taxable receipt for $37.50.

Well, we can't yet do that until we're registered, and in keeping with our philosophy of being a "tax free party", we're not soliciting donations at all at this point. 

Note:  Product availability can be a problem

Sometimes Demmy can't be found, and in those cases the equally beloved "Sweet Oakley Squirrel" fills in!

"Demmy" the Democracy Beaver: 9"/23cm seated --  Mary Meyer Corporation (tm)

Demmy the Democracy Beaver
(Click Demmy for full-size view)


Note:  'Demmy' is our nickname for Sweet Bertram, one of the cutest ever from the Mary Meyer collection.


We are more interested in membership declarations and other types of assistance to build the Party, than in collecting donations. 


Thank you for your thoughts but, if you haven't already, please send in your declaration!


And if you can, send our web address to your friends, co-workers and neighbours!

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To get involved with The Democracy Party of Canada in its registration
with Elections Canada, go
here.  And thank you very much!
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