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There are two intellectual property protection issues with regard to Party name and logo.  One is the protection under international trademark/tradename rules with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), and the other is a registration accepted by Elections Canada meeting prescribed requirements.

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Party Name

    Democracy Party of Canada

CIPO trademarks have been approved for:

It is presumed that members of this party will, in common practice, be referred to as democrats or members of the Democracy Party, but not typically in formal use as The Democrats.  This subtlety should avoid any complaints from New Democrats.

As there are now "Grits" and "Tories", we are hoping to become known affectionately as "Demmies".

Initial Internet domain names have also been registered (below)

Party Abbreviation for Elections Canada (Ballot)

The Elections Canada registration will also be under the names The Democracy Party of Canada and Le Parti de D�mocratie du Canada

For the purposes of Elections Canada registration of the ballot abbreviation for the Party, it will be submitted to Elections Canada as "Democracy".  This is a word that cannot be registered as a trademark and needs no protection.  Here is the first page of our application to Elections Canada.

DPC is already registered with CIPO to a consulting firm that specializes in brand awareness, and PDC (DPC in French) already has 3 registrations.  We are not intending it to be an informal short-form referring to the Party as we intend to use "Demmy" for that purpose.

Party Trademark Logo:  (10%, 25%, 50% and Full Size)

CIPO trademarks have been approved for the following logo:

"Demmy" the Democracy Beaver

Trademark registration has proceeded for "Demmy", the nickname of our Political Party and the name of our mascot, Demmy the Democracy Beaver.

A Demmy will be provided to charity as a special gift to Charity for any donations of $30 or more!


Domain Names:


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