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The Democracy Party effort is continuous and ongoing, even if our website updates are only intermittent.  We'd appreciate your assistance so that in upcoming elections assured autonomy and direct democracy become the way politics is done in this country!  Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.  And as usual, to register the party more Elections Canada Declaration Forms are necessary:  Get the Declaration!

Important:  Click here to view an update from Steve Garry, the Founder


(French is here)


Election 2011 Results

Conservatives Liberals Bloc NPD Green Indie/Other
166 34 4 103 1 0

The first teleconference meeting, via Skype, of the new Officers and Leader of the Democracy Party of Canada.


Election 2008 Results

Conservatives Liberals Bloc NDP Green Indie/Other
143 77 49 37 0 2

Demmy's Picks

Conservatives Liberals Bloc NDP Green Indie/Other
133 91 46 35 2 1



The following trademarks have been officially registered:

The Democracy Party of Canada
Le Parti de D�mocratie de Canada
The Democracy Party "Logo"

As part of this, we imprinted our marks on various clothing and accessory items.  Click here for a preview.

When we get a "store" up on the site, some of these items may be available for purchase!


For those who don't have the time or opportunity to wade through long videos and long web pages to find out what the Democracy Party is all about, this 6 minute video gets your toes wet:



The latest "federal political parties", the NeoRhinos and the WorkLessParty, have been registered with Elections Canada.

We can lament that there don't seem to be as many "democrats" out there to join our party as there are political satirists for the NeoRhinos.  Or, we can get on-side and build this Party so that Canadians can have a serious democratic reform entity competing soon in elections, even if alongside the NeoRhinos.

Aug-22-07 Website visitors will appreciate our new form-based Contact page
Aug-4-07 Please take a few seconds to respond to our survey to help us better refine our marketing presence:  

"How did you Find Us?"

Jul-25-07 View, Print or Download our new quick "Fact Sheet".

All the essential talking points about the Democracy Party on one page.


First in a series of advertisements soliciting expertise and support for political party and business planning:

Check demmyrecruit.htm

Apr-14-07 Announcing the fourth in a series of Town Hall meetings at the Quality Suites hotel in London, Ontario, Apr-27-07 (at) 7:15 p.m. to introduce the Democracy Party to local Canadians. 

We hope to have some multi-media up soon! 



For details, click the picture of our advertisement in the local newspaper

Mar-27-07 Faxed declarations, even though signed, are not acceptable to Elections Canada.  We have just had a ruling that means we have to obtain original forms from those who have faxed in their declarations.  So please print/mail your declarations; thank you.  (We will be contacting those who have submitted forms via fax in the past)
Jan-29-07 Many thanks to Arends Signs & Displays for
their great work on our Democracy Van

We are eager to present our Party to groups and associations.  Our exhibit is "ready to go" out of the Democracy Van and takes about 10 minutes to set up. The presentation lasts 15-25 minutes followed by Q&A.  We have flyers and  booklets to give out and, where facilities permit, offer a multi-media presentation.  Click for contact info.

Dec-19-06 "Demmy" the Democracy BeaverThe Party is very happy to have donated 10 Demmy's to the Women's Emergency Centre of Oxford County -- Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!
Nov-20-06 Fall Flyer mailout to 9,000+ homeowners
Oct-15-06 The Democracy Party had a table at the
Gibraltar Trade Centre

Click the picture to visit our Gibraltar site!



The Democracy Party had a table at the
Annual Dorchester Fair

Click the picture to visit our Dorchester Fair site!

Sep-30-06 The Democracy Party had a booth at the
Meadow Park (London) Seniors Centre Fall Fair

Click the picture to visit our Meadow Park site!

Sep-23-06 The Democracy Party had a booth at the
131st Annual Western Fair
on September 8-17, 2006

Click the picture to visit our Western Fair site!

Apr-2-06 Democracy Party video
submission to the
Fireweed Democratic Reform
Roundtable Conference  April 2006
(Click here for the transcript)

Election 2006 Results

Conservatives Liberals Bloc NDP Green Indie/Other
124 * 103 51 29 0 1
* Not including Emerson switch to Conservatives

Demmy's Picks

Conservatives Liberals Bloc NDP Green Indie/Other
139 81 61 25 1 1
Sep-15-05 NDP objects to Elections Canada over Democracy Party of Canada use of the letters "d-e-m-o-c-r-a"; read Democracy Party letter to Elections Canada here
Aug-12-05 We have General Elections -- so why do we need Referendums?  View latest printable flyer here that answers this question.
Jul-18-05: "Demmy" the Democracy BeaverNow you can help the party grow by donating
Jan-1-05: Interim translation of Democracy Party website into Fran�ais
Aug-26-04: Began sending dozens of announcement/invitation emails across Canada (view sample)
Aug-25-04: Submitted trademark/tradename registrations for logo and English/French versions of Party name
Aug-10-04: Registered "" domain (8 character shortform for 'democracy' and 'democratie')
Aug-1-04: Registered "" and "" domains
Jul-7-04: Party website started
Jun-28-04: Federal election resulting in Liberal minority government
May-14-04: Bill C-3 came into force:
An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Income Tax Act

Click here to view our Intellectual Property Information (logo, trademarks, etc.)

To get involved with The Democracy Party of Canada in its registration
with Elections Canada, go
here.  And thank you very much!
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