The Democracy Party of Canada: Principles

Inaugural Policy Statement & Principles

Note: The detailed principles, platform and policies of the Democracy Party of Canada will be decided by the membership in our first Assembly / Convention.  We hope to design ways that even the public at large can contribute to the decisions to be made, just as our overall goal is to allow Canadians to be able to do that any time they wish after direct democracy is brought to Ottawa.  Meanwhile, below are our launching points for principles and policies.  You may also want to view our "Fact Sheet":

Although the following simple terms mean different things to different people, we believe these core principles recognize the areas of government that most desperately require attention:

Assured Autonomy

This principle proclaims an elected representative�s first responsibility should be to the people of his or her riding. An MP's foremost consideration should be what is best for the country and community.

Direct Democracy

This principle assures our objective to give greater control of the democratic process to all Canadians.


Note:  Some may comment on the paucity of details on the Policy and Constitution of this new Party.  Initially, we had imported a great deal of information from the defunct Reform Party of Canada's "Blue Book" (1995), with select alterations but maintaining the vast majority of the fiscal responsibility and democratic reform principles.  Some visitors and early members thought it was too much detail, so it was removed.  However, the early versions of these pages are available on the Internet Archive WayBack Machine.  For your reference, two sample archived page links follow (some images or videos may no longer be available), although more versions are available via the WayBack Machine:

August 2008

August 2005

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