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The Democracy Party of Canada was created on July 1, 2004. It is a political party as defined by the Elections Act in that it is "an organization one of whose fundamental purposes is to participate in public affairs by endorsing one or more of its members as candidates and supporting their election to the Parliament of Canada."

The objective of the Democracy Party of Canada is to register with Elections Canada and to promote, from within the current system, a system of political parties that does NOT burden the taxpayers of Canada with any of its costs. Presently, registered political parties receive money from you the taxpayers to fund their day-to-day operations. The lucrative salaries and perks are sufficient, and we don�t think that Canadian taxpayers should be forced to contribute to political parties through their votes. Shouldn�t democracy be tax-free?

But to change these laws, our elected members have to be in Parliament so that we can bring these embarrassments to light on a daily basis in the House of Commons. It will be easy to do if we are a registered political party but, until then, we will actively endorse Independent Candidates across the country to fill this important role.

This is because the Democracy Party promotes a form of democracy where elected MPs work for their constituents and NOT for the Party Leader. As such, the Democracy Party of Canada is a natural for Independent Candidates which by definition are not beholden to Party Leaders and rigid �top down� party policies. Independent Candidates are the only candidates who by definition work for you the voters and not for the established parties.

As such, we encourage you to support the following endeavor:

Whether or not the the Democracy Party of Canada is registered at the time of the next election, we expect to endorse candidates in each of Canada�s 308 ridings.

To help us organize independent-thinking candidates across the country, and to help us register the Party, we invite you to join our party. There is no charge. But even if you don't join the party, we ask that you email this link to your friends and anyone else who you believe is tired of top down, autocratic, party rule.

Here's the process created by Elections Canada to help us to help you:

Bill C3
Creating a new political party:
250 supporter declarations
Party officials (leader, president, chief agent, treasurer, secretary, etc.)
Party Platform (Policy/Principles) and Constitution
To endorse at least one candidate for the election

(French is here)


Note:  This Declaration form is a government form.  There is no cost to sign up.  It is simply a declaration that you support our initiative of offering more influence to the ordinary citizen of Canada and of our running electoral candidates to accomplish this.  It is not even a commitment to vote for the Democracy Party.  There may not be a Democracy candidate in your riding so it will be up to you, with our advice if you seek it, to find another party's candidate to vote for who supports electoral and democratic reform.

See below for instructions for returning the forms to the Democracy Party of Canada

We need help to register the Party!

Time is of the essence!  The next Federal Election beckons!  We need 250+ members and several Party officials (see below).  Also, we need candidates to run for office and make the state of our democracy an issue in the next campaign!  (Having at least one candidate meets Elections Canada's final requirement for new party Registration)

Remember:  There is no cost to do this.  You are not even contracting in any way that you will vote for us -- you are simply demonstrating that you support the democratic initiative and ideals of our organization!

Basic Requirements to Attain Official Registration

The registration of the Democracy Party of Canada will proceed when the following requirements are met:

In fact, if all goes well this will accomplish 'Eligibility' for registration, which MUST occur 60 days or more before a by-election or general election is called. Registration actually occurs when one or more candidates are duly endorsed

Once the documents are received by Elections Canada, the registration process may take four months.

Note:  Go here for details on steps already taken to secure the intellectual property, and here for the party timeline.

Important:  We are urgently seeking someone to provide English-French translation services! We must accommodate our friends in Quebec and elsewhere who wish to read the website in Francais and join the Party!  Please help!

These are the "basic" requirements.  See the Volunteer page for more detailed requirements.

Attaining 250 Members for Registration

Elections Canada requires declarations of 250 members but advises that +50% (375) be sent for the verification audit, which they say will take them 3 to 4 months to perform. 375 should not be too difficult to attain using email and the web, in addition to word-of-mouth.  

A membership sign-up fee is not mandated by Elections Canada, so I am intending to defer the fee for the 375 charter members.  Besides, accepting money for memberships or donations means having to track it, and as the sole organizer at this point I would rather not get into that complexity before we've even been registered.  As of Dec-15-04, the out-of-pocket expenses in my own name have been the CIPO trademarks, web domain name registrations, hosting and post office box, and two newspaper ad runs.  The intellectual property will have to be transferred to the Party eventually. 

Members must be Canadian Citizens 18 years of age or over.  However, we are encouraging support from those 14 years of age and over.  To join the Democracy Party of Canada, it does not matter if you are active members of another party.

 For memberships received after the first 375, fees of $5 for ages 14-17 years and $10 for adults (18+) can apply.  This is comparable to most of the other parties; it is $25 for the NDP and Greens, $10 for the Conservatives, and $10 for the Liberals but you can't be an active member of another party to join them!

Downloadable/Printable Forms

Please download and fill in both pages of the following form.  Instructions for submitting the forms to the Party are at the bottom of the page:

Once you have signed up, we are looking for volunteers with many different talents and experiences.  This is the case whether or not you end up becoming an Officer, Chief Agent, etc.  Secondary roles, above, has other information on how you can help!

Note: As of September 18, 2004, the forms have been disabled for the following functions/roles.  At the time of our first 'convention' or assembly, leading up to submitting our registration application to Elections Canada, we will recruit volunteers and/or vote on officer roles, including the Leader, Chief/Registered Agent(s), etc.  At that time we can also make the necessary arrangements to appoint an Auditor. 

For specific functions of each of the other roles, refer to the Elections Canada website.

Filling in the Forms

Print the form and legibly fill in by hand (or use a typewriter, if you have access to such a machine!), then submit as outlined below

Submitting the Forms to the Party

Remember to sign the form(s) where appropriate,
and send along your email address if you have one!

When completed, forms above should be postal mailed to:

Democracy Party of Canada
#717-632 Hale Street
London ON N5W 1H5

Click here to view our Intellectual Property Information (logo, trademarks, etc.)

To get involved with The Democracy Party of Canada in its registration
with Elections Canada, go
here.  And thank you very much!
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