Update:  January 2024

Greetings, it's probably about time that I provided some sort of update to this initiative. After all, this will be my first original content on this website since 2008, which is kind of sad given that the Party occupied most of my free time and financing between 2004 and 2008 - roughly 10,000 dollars, and probably that many hours!

We were never able to meet the seemingly-modest goal of 250 signups in order to begin the Elections Canada registration process for this new Party.

At the same time, one is always concerned about splitting the vote for like-minded democratic reform parties in any ridings in which we were to run a candidate. This is a legitimate concern, as it is the reason the old-style political parties continue to win all-powerful majority governments by slim pluralities, often well below 40 percent of the vote.

I've certainly not lost any enthusiasm for the objectives of the Democracy Party of Canada, but it is unlikely I will be able to devote the time and funding to push this political agenda anew.

Certainly, our country still needs it!

The last time that democratic reform within a fiscally-sane envelope was talked about seriously was over 25 years ago. My, how the powerful people (I guess we now call them 'elites') are adept at deflecting and deferring up-and-coming idealisms!

So that's where the Democracy Party stands: I don't even know if I still have the out-of-date voter declarations that we collected, but I do have a couple of like-minded people ready to help out, the trademarks and I.P. are legally secure, this 2008-era website remains up and running, and most of all the need for democratic reform is as great as ever.

In the near future, maybe we'll just 'threaten and cajole' the existing government into 'stealing our policies', along with the veiled threat that if not we'll register this party for the next election and begin to chip away seriously at their voter support!

That may sound more like 'interest group' or lobbying methodology, than our stated goals of giving Canadians the power to control the destiny of their beloved country through an electoral option. But, at present we can only challenge the 'elites' by using the rules they've laid out for us. Maybe being a pre-electoral lobby group is the only way.

So, thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on us, for eventually we will reignite our effort to bring Canada's democracy into the 21st Century.

Steve Garry
Founder and CES (Chief Envelope Stuffer)
Democracy Party of Canada

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