We will need your help to win the next election. If you can spare a few hours we have many tasks you may enjoy doing. Your help can make a difference.
  • Phone Canvass
  • Door to Door Canvass
  • Office Help
  • Election Day Scrutineer
  • Get Out The Vote Team
  • Literature Drop
  • Sign Installation
  • Event Coordination
  • Fundraising

At this early stage of Party development, we are actually more interested in membership declarations than in collecting names of volunteers for particular roles.  However, we would be pleased if you wrote us to contribute in any way.

(French is here)

Detailed Requirements to Attain Official Registration

Primary: (before the application for registration has been sent to Elections Canada)

« Registration form downloads are available for membership declarations and each Officer role.

4Detailed requirements for each role (prior to the development of our own by-laws) can be viewed on the above Elections Canada website

4Membership declarations will be accepted anytime but people will want to know what they are joining; hence the development of a substantial, draft policy document is a priority.  Note that Elections Canada, as part of the application audit, will be sending members a request for confirmation of your membership.  Note also that the application for registration is a public document with Elections Canada.

Eligibility:  (Preliminary/subject to change) The only restriction for membership is Canadian citizenship and to be 18 years of age or over; however, all roles above regular members cannot be members, agents or candidates of other registered parties, or directly in their employ, etc.

Important:  We are urgently seeking someone to provide English-French translation services! We must accommodate our friends in Quebec and elsewhere who wish to read the website in Francais and join the Party!  Please help!

Secondary:  (after the application for registration has been sent to Elections Canada)


To register the Party we must agree to run at least one candidate in the upcoming election, which could be less than a year away.  I am prepared to serve as a candidate, however the priority must be to find the best candidates possible so I am hoping and presuming we can find people better than I.  Note: This Party must not simply be looking for the best girl guide cookie salesperson.  (I have some creative and democratic suggestions for avoiding this problem.)

Once this is done, the usual requirements for national and local campaigns will exist:


Web Design and Programming
Database Management
Layout and Design

Campaign Management:

Project Manager
Campaign Coordinator
Political Director

Coalition Building Administrative/Office Management
Party/Constituency Liaison Earned Media and Public Relations
Events Planning and Advance Work Elections Canada Compliance
Fundraising Grassroots Organization
Legal/Insurance Issues Opposition Research
Paid Media (Radio and Television) Scheduling
Speechwriting Survey Research
Fundraising and Events Other

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To get involved with The Democracy Party of Canada in its registration
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