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September 8-17, 2006, Booth 344 (Progress Building, booth map)

Here's some of the "Action" from the Western Fair!


View Posters from our Booth:


At the conclusion of the Western Fair 2006, our Associate Alison Lang selects the 10 winning ballots in the "Demmy Giveaway".  Notice our trusty mascot, to Alison's right on the table, officially witnessing the event!

The "Demmy" winners are:

  1.  Brandon O, Belmont
  2.  Joe P., London
  3.  Alison L, London
  4.  Nathalie R., London
  5.  Sue F., Ilderton
  6.  Jolene R., London
  7.  Roxanne P., South Wold
  8.  Lisa A., London
  9.  L. K., Ancaster
  10.  Karen A., London


Alison Lang, our main associate helper for the duration of the Fair, along with our entire Democracy Party/Fireweed Democracy Project display.

Perhaps Alison was entering Party declarations into the database?!


Kia Pyrcz of Fireweed Democracy Project (left) and Alison Lang (right), our full-time Associate for the Fair.

Fireweed is a non-partisan organization disseminating information on democratic and electoral reform that was kind enough to lend us a helping hand.  For instance, a few weeks ago, they were at the Green Party convention that elected Elizabeth May as the new leader of that Party. 

Please visit their site for many proposals and policy ideas on democratic, parliamentary, senate and electoral reforms, as well as a great public forum for debate, information and interaction with others who share the belief Canada needs a reinvigorated democracy.  In addition, why not join their newsletter maillist?

In the photograph, also shown to the right of our mascot, "Demmy" the Democracy Beaver (atop the computer speaker), is our "If you were P.M. for a day, I would..." page which our visitors filled with suggestions of all sorts!


Who would have thought that standing brochures up on a table could so dramatically improve the look of the place!


Kia Pyrcz, Project Coordinator at  Fireweed Democracy Project, was incredibly gracious of her time with our effort.  It is certainly easier to run a Fair Booth with 3 hard-working associates than just 2!


Photo of the whole Democracy Party Booth, with a lot of class brought to the effort in the contribution from the Fireweed Democracy Project.


Demmy atop his subwoofer speaker at the technical display, along with our "If you were a Prime Minister for a Day" charts


Alison Lang, our Fair Associate!

The Demmy the Democracy Beaver table.  We are giving away 10 free Demmies at the end of the Western Fair!


Steve Garry, the Founder, in front of the main panel display


Alison Lang and our complete Democracy Party Display


Showing our new "my gang" poster at the bottom of the main display.


Steve Garry, Party Founder


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